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Mechanism of submission

A. Direct Submission Categories

The mechanism of submission consists of five steps as follows:

  1. Application through the award’s website

    Candidates must submit a video (of 3 minutes maximum) or a 4-slide presentation containing the main idea of the initiative, implementation mechanism, results and impact.

    Initial Screening Committee, Advisory Committee and Experts:

  2. Screening submissions:
    • Phase 1: Based on the terms and conditions of the award, the initial screening committee will eliminate non-eligible submissions, and refer eligible ones to the advisory team and experts, in the second phase.
    • Phase 2: The advisory team and experts will select a maximum of 5-6 entries from each of the award’s categories and selected entrants will be notified to complete the application process.
  3. Completion of application by uploading required documents on the award’s website:
    • Nomination letter from the employer
    • Supporting file containing main components of case study writing, including:
      • Cover page: Entity name and logo, report/ case study title and date of submission
      • Summary page: Case study subject, key objectives, strategies and procedures used to achieve the objectives, what has been achieved (key conclusions), main results and impact, and summary of the case study recommendations
      • Content page: Section titles, section subtitles, and page numbers
      • Introduction: Provides a general overview of the file subject, its aims, and the way it is organised, with a focus on the core idea of the submission and its importance
      • Content: The writer has the freedom to organise the submission the way they deem best; however, the content of a case study must include: titles, context, methodology, references, summary, workplan and recommendations, conclusion, appendices, footnotes, and acknowledgments.
    • The file must not exceed 1,000 words (Font: Simplified Arabic, Font Size: 14).
    • The file must be submitted in Arabic only
  4. Selection of top 3 entries from each category: The advisory team and experts will narrow down the list of submissions and select top 3 candidates for each category.
  5. Final evaluation by judging panel: The judging panel will select one winning submission for each category

B. Nominated Categories:

  1. Nomination of influential campaigns and initiatives:

    Registrants shall nominate campaigns or initiatives that have influenced them by filling the required fields in the "Community Voice" category on the award’s website:

    • The title of the campaign or initiative
    • The entity that launched the campaign (it must be a local or federal government entity in the UAE)
    • The emirate where the initiative was implemented
  2. Initial screening of proposed campaigns and initiatives:

    The screening committee will identify the campaigns or initiatives most cited by registrants and compile a list of the 10 most influential campaigns or initiatives for registrants.

  3. Voting will be open so the public (across the UAE) can select from the list of 10 most influential campaigns or initiatives for registrants
  4. Final screening of proposed campaigns and initiatives:

    The screening committee will identify the 3 most influential campaigns or initiatives for registrants

  5. Voting will be open so the public (across the UAE) can select from the list of 3 most influential campaigns or initiatives for registrants until it is time to announce the winning campaign or initiative at the award ceremony.

Copyright and Publicity:

  • Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) reserves the right to publish details of the nominees, entrants, finalists and winners of the award on IGCC's website and in other promotional and publicity material as it considers appropriate, including (without limitation) for the purpose of promoting Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGCA) and/or the Sharjah Government Communication Award.
  • By entering, organisations and individual entrants consent to participating in publicity and promotional activities and events and/or press conferences. Sharjah Government Media Bureau will also be entitled to use entrants' names, photographs, countries of residence (but not full postal addresses) and other relevant information for publicity throughout all media free of charge.
  • Entrants shall not take part (or agree to take part) in any media coverage, or make any press releases or other announcements concerning participation in the award without the prior written consent of Sharjah Government Media Bureau. No entrant shall refer to the award or permit it to be referred to by any third party for the purpose of promoting or publicising any business or institution other than the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.
  • Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the winner of the “Prize” and the finalists may refer to the prizes they have received, following the announcement of the results. In the event that reference to the 'Award' and the achievements they have received for the purpose of promoting or publicising any company or business other than the 'Sharjah Government Media Bureau', they shall obtain the prior written consent of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.
  • The Sharjah Government Media Bureau may engage in discussions with entrants regarding the possible publication of entries.


  • Entrants undertake that all information provided is true, accurate and complete. Entrants agree to provide additional information to assist the Judging Panel in evaluating their participation. Each entrant agrees to cooperate fully with the judges. Information which is not in the public domain and is marked by the entrant as confidential shall be treated as confidential by SGMB and the judges. Each entrant is, however, advised to take independent legal advice relating to the protection of any innovation or know-how that is included within the submission. SGMB shall not be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information submitted over the Internet, but shall exercise reasonable efforts to keep all such information confidential.
  • Entrants must not submit work that has previously been submitted to another award programme.
  • If the work submitted is the result of a team, the names of all members of the team must be stated.
  • Entrants must be employed on a full-time or part-time basis at government entities or must be freelancers working in the government communication field and communications or journalists working for media institutions.
  • Entrants who wish to apply for more than one award are requested to submit a separate application for each category. Please note that participation is free.
  • Entrants are mandated to obtain all permissions, including copyright permissions, for all material submitted for the award or for the publicity of the award.
  • All applications are to be submitted online by visiting the Award website; no applications are accepted in person.
  • The Sharjah Government Media Bureau retains all submissions and entries, and can use such submissions and entries as it deems fit (for publication or presentation in the media, or reproduction for promotion purposes), contributing to the success and future of the Award.
  • Maximum entries are three categories per institution.
  • Entrants in different categories of the Award may not apply for more than one work in the same category. If this condition is violated, the first submitted work will be accepted and any other entries in the same category will be rejected.
  • The files and works submitted should not be older than January 2016.
  • All citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates have the right to participate in the voting category.


  • The final selection of entries after screening will be evaluated by a Judging Panel comprising Arab government communication experts.
  • Final entries will be judged based on the evaluation criteria that pertain to each category, with each member evaluating the files individually through a special electronic system.
  • At its final meeting, the Judging Panel selects three winners and candidates for each category, after the assessments are unanimously compared and agreed upon.
  • No member of the Committee can have a financial or personal interest in any participating organisation or share a financial or personal relationship with any participating individual.
  • The head of the Judging Panel and his deputy are responsible for the evaluation process in any circumstance or event that is not included in the initial text for the GCA and does not form part of the website content and/or the award’s booklet. The Judging Panel will document all its decisions for consideration by the GCA team towards preparations for the next edition of the award.
    • Members of the Judging Panel are not obliged to declare a winner or winners, or to present any award.
  • The decision of the Judging Panel shall be deemed final and cannot be appealed. No correspondence shall be entertained unless it concerns the improvement of the award mechanism.
  • The Judging Panel reserves the right to modify the category of any participation, if it finds that something is wrong, provided that the work participating in the new category is evaluated.
  • The Judging Panel reserves the right to eliminate any participation that insults any person, religion, ethnicity or race.
  • The Judging Panel shall have the right to reject any submission, if it finds that the Award criteria have not been met, in which case the decision of the Committee shall be final. The SGMB, as delegated by the Judging Panel, reserves the right to withdraw any awards and prizes if it finds that entrants do not comply with the criteria.

Contesting Results

The results of the Award cannot be challenged in any way, and the decisions of the Judging Panel are final. However, the Committee welcomes any constructive suggestions or criticism aimed at promoting the Award.


The Sharjah Government Media Bureau is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay in the transmission of any entries.

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