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Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions:

  • The project submitted for the award must meet all the conditions related to each sub-category of the award.
  • The application must fulfil all nomination criteria for the category applied for.
  • Participants who have won in earlier award rounds are not eligible to submit the same file to compete again.
  • All team members who contributed to the submitted work must have their names mentioned.
  • Participants who wish to apply for more than one category must submit a separate application for each category, taking care not to include the same contents for multiple categories.
  • Any institution may only participate in a maximum of three award categories. Materials submitted must closely match each category, and the contents of the application submitted for each category must be distinct.
  • Participants in the various award categories cannot submit more than one work in the same category. Any violation of this condition will result in the exclusion of the concerned application.
  • Participants may submit any work that has won awards given out by other entities.
  • Participants must obtain all necessary licences for the submitted work, including intellectual property rights permission, if any.
  • All applications must be submitted through the award's website. Applications in person will not be accepted.
  • The Sharjah Government Media Bureau shall retain all nominations and entries and may use them in cases that serve the office's media missions and those that contribute to promoting the award..
  • The submitted work and files must not be more than two years old. Should work more than two years old be submitted, evidence must be provided confirming that there have been updates made to it..
  • If one does not win the award, one may reapply in the same category, provided that proof is provided that the submitted files include new content and new evidence.
  • Participants shall pledge that the work submitted by them to the award is original and not copied or adapted from the work of others or used without obtaining permission from their owner.
  • In the event that a participating entity is not satisfied with the award result, it may submit an inquiry request for clarification of the reasons for not winning the award, including specifications of the justifications for the request. A neutral party other than the award jury will consider the inquiry request and respond to the entity within a period of no less than three months after the announcement of the award result.
  • Participation in the award’s various categories does not entail any fees.

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