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Terms & Conditions

Firstly - Submission Mechanism:

A- Categories of direct submission:

  1. Submit a participation request online on the International Government Communication Centre (IGCC) website
  2. Submit a video file that does not exceed 5 minutes
  3. Submit a Word file explaining the general idea of the initiative including the following:
    • Title page: Name and logo of the institution, title of the report/case study, date of submission.
    • Content page: Headings, subheadings, page numbers.
    • Introduction: A general description about the participation file, the importance of the topic to the reader, and the general objective of the idea.
    • Content: Explanation of strategies, results, objectives and work plans according to the main aspects that have been defined for each category.
    • The number of words must not exceed 1000; files should be submitted in the Simplified Arabic font, size 14, for the categories of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world. Submissions in English in international categories are accepted in the Times New Roman font, size 14.
  4. Nomination letter from the employer/organisation
  5. Supporting documents on statistics and models.

B- Rating category:

The award is given to one of the three leading influencers from across the Arab world. The award, instituted in partnership with CARMA, the global media intelligence provider, recognises social media influencers in various fields who have contributed to and supported concepts, ideas and productive experiences that are based on the principles of government communication benefiting the individual and society.

While the Judging Committee will pick up the three finalists, the winner will be decided on the basis of votes by members of the public.

  1. Contacting the nominees to film a video, and then uploading it on www.igcc.ae
  2. Voting will be open to public on the website
  3. The winner to be announced at the Sharjah Government Communication Award ceremony.

Secondly - Copyright and Publicity:

  • The Sharjah Government Media Bureau has the right to publish the details of the participating entities, finalists and award winners, and the participating files, on the website of the International Government Communication Centre, in addition, to the possibility of use in any advertising or promotional form.
  • The participants should agree to participate in advertising activities, various promotional and media events, such as press conferences and others. Furthermore, the Sharjah Government Media Bureau has the right to use their names, names of their countries, photographs and any other information for advertising through various media without any monetary compensation.
  • Participants should not participate in any press coverage, or in any other statements related to their participation in the award, without the prior approval by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.
  • The winners and finalists can refer to the prizes that they have received, after the results have been announced. In case the award or the positions finalists have obtained are specialised for promoting or advertising of any company or institution, then the winner must get prior approval from the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.
  • Sharjah Government Media Bureau has the right to discuss with participants the possibility of publishing their submissions.

Thirdly - Participations:

  • The participant undertakes that all the information provided by him is true, accurate and complete. Participants may be asked to provide additional information to help the judging committee in the evaluation process. Moreover, each participant agrees to fully cooperate and respond to these provisions, and the Sharjah Government Media Bureau and the judging committee will deal with complete confidentiality with all that information.
  • Participants cannot submit any works that they have previously submitted in any other awards or competitions.
  • Participants who won in the previous editions of the award cannot submit the same file to participate again in the award.
  • If the submitted work is a team work, names of all team members must be mentioned.
  • Participants wishing to apply to more than one category of the award are required to fill out a separate application for each category, taking into account that there are no fees for participating in the award; maximum participation in the award is three categories for each institution.
  • Participants in the various categories of the award cannot submit more than one work in the same category; in the case of violating the provision, their participation will be terminated.
  • Participants have the full responsibility to obtain all licences including the permission of the intellectual property right holder and others.
  • All participations are submitted on the IGCC website.
  • The Sharjah Government Media Bureau reserves the right to all participating nominations and posts, and can use them to contribute to promote the award.
  • The submitted files and works should be new and should not be older than 6 years; evidence must be submitted to prove the stages of development of the initiative or campaign.
  • In case of not winning, participants can participate with their files again after two years; the evidence of progress in the initiative or campaign should be provided.

Fourthly – Evaluation:

  • Members of the judging committee review the final files submitted by the sorting committee.
  • Judging committee evaluates the final files according to the criteria for each category, and each member evaluates the files separately, through a special electronic system.
  • In its last meeting, the judging committee selects three winners and nominees of each category, after comparing the evaluation and results agreed upon.
  • Judging committee refuses listing anyone who has a financial or personal interest with any participating institution in the award, or who is connected in any way or through any relation with a registered participant.
  • The head of the judging committee and his deputy are responsible for the judging process in any issue that has not been discussed or covered in any file. Any decisions made regarding any new issues are documented in order to review it for the upcoming edition of the award.
  • Members of the judging committee are not subject to any obligations to declare the names of the winners or to present any prize.
  • Judging committee reserves the right to amend any category in line with the objectives of continuous development of the award.
  • Judging committee has the right to exclude any participation that is offensive to persons, religions, or ethnicities.
  • Judging committee has the right to refuse any participation in case of not meeting the requirements of the award. The Sharjah Government Media Bureau reserves the right to withdraw any award, in case of not meeting the conditions and criteria of the participation.

Fifthly- Appeal:

The award results are not contested, and the decisions issued by judging committee are final and binding.

Responsibility of Sharjah Government Media Bureau:

Sharjah Government Media Bureau does not bear any responsibility for the loss, damage, or delay in the submission of the participations; the notification of submitting the participation is not considered as an evidence of winning.

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