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How to Participate

  • Create an account to participate
  • Submit a participation request through the website
  • Submit a video that does not exceed 5 minutes
  • Submit a word document that outlines the general idea of the initiative and includes the following:

Title page:

Institution name, logo, report/case study title, and submission date.


General description of the submission file, an explanation of the importance of the topic to the reader, and the overall goal of the idea.


  • Explain the strategies, results, objectives, and action plans according to the main pillars defined for each category.
  • The number of words should not exceed 1000 words. Font should be Simplified Arabic, size 14 for Arabic submissions. Global awards category submissions should use Times New Roman, with a font size of 14.
  • A brief file that does not exceed 250 words, highlighting its main axes in bullet points.
  • Submit supporting files (statistics and model numbers).
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