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How to participate

  • Create an account to participate
  • Submit a participation request through the website
  • Submit a video that does not exceed 5 minutes
  • Submit a word document that outlines the general idea of the initiative and includes the following:

Title page:

Institution name, logo, report/case study title, and submission date.


General description of the submission file, an explanation of the importance of the topic to the reader, and the overall goal of the idea.


  • Explain the strategies, results, objectives, and action plans according to the main pillars defined for each category.
  • The number of words should not exceed 1000 words. Font should be Simplified Arabic, size 14 for Arabic submissions (UAE and the Arab world categories). Global awards category submissions should use Times New Roman, with a font size of 14.
  • A brief file that does not exceed 200 words, highlighting its main axes in bullet points.
  • Submit supporting files (statistics and model numbers).
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