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Voting Categories

  • Best Social Media Influencer – Arab World

    The award is given to one of the three leading influencers from across the Arab world. The award, instituted in partnership with CARMA, the global media intelligence provider, recognises social media influencers in various fields who have contributed to and supported concepts, ideas and productive experiences that are based on the principles of government communication benefiting the individual and society.

    While the Judging Committee will pick up the three finalists, the winner will be decided on the basis of votes by members of the public.

    General Criteria:

    • The content submitted in the nominee's file supports the goals of government communication and promotes public engagement with them.
    • The nominee submits a summary of the main issues presented and the rate of engagement with them.
    • The nominee submits a video or a file in response to questions: "What is the idea? Where did the idea come from? What results have been achieved? What is the future vision? How can social media platforms serve societies?


    • Content: The published content is consistent with the laws, societal norms and moral values. (20 marks)
    • Impact: Clarity of the societal impact that has been achieved. (30 marks)
    • Identity: Respecting public identity and using proper language. (20 marks)
    • Service: Contributing to the discussion of public issues and raising awareness of their various features. (20 marks)
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