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Jury Awards

  • Best Distinguished Government Official Award

    This award shall be dedicated to honouring government officials who have demonstrated exceptional and unique leadership, inspiring dedication, and effective contributions that go far beyond the expectations of their official roles, through their keenness to go beyond the limits of merely carrying out their duties in a traditional and routine manner. The award seeks to highlight those who take a hands on approach and interact directly with the public, employees, and society, creating wide reaching positive impact both in the entities where they work and in society by improving public services, adopting innovative initiatives, enhancing transparency and accountability in government administration, and achieving quality and satisfaction with the services provided by the entities they work for.

    Categories Honoured:

    • Government leaders who have demonstrated exceptional innovation and excellence in implementing government projects, achieving outstanding successes in their fields of work.
    • Individuals who have transcended the traditional role of government work, preferring field work and direct interaction with the public and community in order to achieve a marked positive impact.
    • Officials who took up innovative initiatives that contribute to improving public services and enhancing transparency and accountability in government administration.
    • Officials who have earned the appreciation, admiration, and guidance of those who they work with.

    Among the contributions that will be evaluated:

    • Implementation of government projects and initiatives that have a significant positive impact on public services and the satisfaction of citizens.
    • Exceptional efforts made in developing and improving government policies and procedures, leading to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Active and tangible participation in discussions concerning government affairs across multiple media and digital platforms, thereby reflecting their commitment to the exchanging of knowledge and experiences.
    • Dedication to work and giving, as well as the positive influence they contribute in order to improve and develop government administration and public services, which in turn leads to the building of a better and more sustainable society.
    • Ability to successfully lead teams and projects while directing and motivating employees to achieve public service goals.
    • Innovative ideas and solutions to public service challenges that contribute to improving services provided to citizens.
    • The ability to communicate effectively with citizens and respond to their needs and expectations.
    • Adopt practices that enhance transparency and ensure accountability in all government activities.
    • Interact directly with projects and individuals away from the traditional office environment and giving attention to field work.
    • Tangible results achieved for the work implemented and demonstrating how these results have contributed to achieving public service goals.
  • Award for Best Individual to Have Contributed Strategically to the Field of Government Communication

    The award shall be given to exceptional individuals who have played a pivotal role in bringing about positive change and a profound impact in the field of government communication. They will have significantly contributed to improving and enhancing effective communication and interaction between governments and citizens through strategic, scientific, and applied contributions.

    The categories honoured include:

    • Individuals who have provided creative and innovative solutions to government communication challenges.
    • Those who made positive contributions that has led to an improvement in communication strategies and the enhancement of transparency and credibility.
    • Academically distinguished individuals who have developed ideas and concepts that have helped to develop and implement communication strategies.
    • Those who have contributed to implementing applied initiatives that have been proven successful in improving government communications.

    The contributions that will be considered by the jury are:

    • Innovative projects and initiatives presented by an individual in the field of government communications.
    • An individual who has carried out exceptional work that has contributed to the formation of government communication strategies.
    • Solid scientific research and reports to which an individual has contributed in order to develop the field of government communications.
    • Initiatives in which an individual has participated that have achieved a tangible positive impact on society through government communications.
    • An individual's media and communication presence at a local, regional, and international level at conferences, forums, and platforms dealing with government communications.
  • Award for Best Communication with an Impact on Remote Communities

    This award aims to honour individuals who have demonstrated creativity and excellence in designing and implementing communication strategies that specifically target remote areas and regions. This shall have enhanced interaction and effective communication between different entities and communities in such areas, thereby contributing to the achievement of positive and tangible results.

    The categories that the award aims to honour are:

    • Individuals who have provided creative solutions to communication challenges in remote areas, using new or unconventional tools and technologies.
    • Those who have developed and implemented communication strategies that transcend geographic and cultural barriers to effectively reach distant communities.
    • Individuals whose applications and initiatives have contributed to the development of the field of communications for remote areas, including the use of diverse languages and dialects to ensure effective access.
    • Those who have led or contributed to the implementation of successful community outreach initiatives that have demonstrated a tangible positive impact on communities in remote areas.

    Among the contributions that will be considered by the jury:

    • Development and implementation of communication strategies that take into account the privacy and challenges of remote areas.
    • Launch and implementation of practical initiatives that have been proven effective in improving communication with and outreach to remote communities.
    • Positive and tangible impact on communities in remote areas through effective communication and outreach.
    • Ability to provide innovative and creative solutions to communication challenges in remote areas.
    • Ability to effectively scale up and replicate initiatives in other regions.
  • Best Individual Positive Social Impact Award

    This award shall be given to individuals who have played a social role that has directly influenced a large group of people, inspired and encouraged them to play positive roles, and become an effective role model well known to the public. The award shall include legal community figures and social media influencers who have invested their fame into initiatives, practices, and communication campaigns that have created a profound social, developmental, and cultural impact, and inspired many to take positive stances and roles.

    General Criteria:

    • The candidate must have made a direct and tangible positive impact on a large group of people and contributed to solving social problems and advancing society.
    • The candidate should be a motivational role model, inspiring others to have positive attitudes and engage in activities that benefit the community.
    • The candidate must have widespread fame or recognition as an influential and positive role model within society.
    • It is preferable that the candidate has participated in campaigns or initiatives that have had a significant positive impact on a social, developmental, or cultural level.
    • The nominee must be of high integrity and good morals and not have a history of unethical behaviour or have been involved in practices that could be seen as in conflict with the values of this award.
    • Clear and documented evidence of the candidate's achievements and positive impact must be provided, such as reports, articles, certificates of recognition, etc.
    • Consideration of individuals will be assessed on the extent of the candidate’s personality and the extent of their influence over the public and their contribution to shaping public opinion.

    Special criteria for the jury:

    • Influential Model - 20% - The extent of the candidate's fame and the extent of their influence on the public and contribution to shaping public opinion.
    • Direct and positive impact on society - 20% - The extent of the candidate's influence on society and the extent of their contribution to solving social problems and advancing society.
    • Inspiration and Motivation - 20% - The extent to which the candidate inspires others and the extent to which they contribute to motivating others to participate in positive actions and social initiatives.
    • Innovation and creativity in social work - 15% - Evaluate the extent of the candidate's innovation and creativity in developing and implementing initiatives and actions that contribute to social development.
    • Influence and social networking - 10% - Evaluate the candidate's ability to use social media platforms, media, or direct communication to expand their social impact.
    • Sustainability and long-term impact - 15% - Evaluate the sustainability of the initiatives led by the candidate and their long-term impact on the community.
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