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Judge Categories

  • Best Media and Drama Content – Arab World

    The nominees and winners in this category are to be chosen by a judging committee, with the award to be given to governmental, quasi-governmental or private entities, and divided into two separate awards:

    • Best Media Content (TV show, radio show or podcast): This award is given to an organisation that has had a positive impact on social awareness around critical issues, using new media technology to do so and using the government communication vision to achieve its goals.
    • Best Dramatic Work: This award is given to an organisation that produces and presents works of art that carry a serious message to raise awareness about societal issues. The nominees and winners will be chosen by a judging committee.

    General Criteria:

    • The content should deal with an important issue of interest to society and promote the goals of government communication.
    • The content should respect societal and cognitive values.
    • The issue should be treated with professionalism, devoid of any superficiality, and in a way that does not preach so as to avoid alienating the audience.
    • Successfully achieving both high audience ratings and a social impact.
    • Achieving audience ratings and having a social impact.


    • Message: Communicating the idea to the audience using media-based methods consistent with the goals of government communication. (20 marks)
    • Measurement: Drawing on statistics that show the public's interest in the content and its impact on them. (30 marks)
    • Quality: Treating the issue via the use of modern technology and producing high-quality, engaging content. (20 marks)
    • Innovation: Using professional and technical approaches based on creative methods of communication. (30 marks)
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