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Exceptional Employee Prize

  • The best university initiative to qualify future employees in government communication

    The International Government Communication Forum, in partnership with the UAE University, is holding a two-day challenge to attract innovators and creators from universities across the United Arab Emirates. University students are to participate in a competition to design innovative projects, initiatives and programmes that identify multi-skilled graduates with exceptional knowledge qualified for the labour market that enables them to come up with government communication technologies keeping pace with the requirements of the future in an innovative manner that achieves the principle of a complete, versatile employee. Competition winners will be honoured.

    General Criteria:

    • Participation in the competition within a group of students in various university specialisations.
    • Work on an actionable idea that enhances students' social and emotional intelligence skills and empowers them with tools for professional excellence.
    • Designing programmes that develop effective communication mechanisms between individuals and institutions.
    • Supporting excellence in university education and building a future vision for government communication.
    • Using modern means of communication and smart applications in the application plans of the idea.
    • Building initiatives that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and are socially effective.


    • Methodology: Clarity of the objectives of the idea and the steps for its implementation. (20 points)
    • Innovation: Presenting a new idea that supports creativity and individual and collective professional skills, and builds a future vision for government communication. (30 points)
    • Sustainability: Future visions of mechanisms to ensure the continuity of the idea and its further development. (25 points)
    • Tools: Employing modern technology and applications to support government communication mechanisms. (25 points)
  • The Best Government Communication Initiative that Empowers Women (Global)

    The award targets government, semi-government and private entities that employ government communication tools, methods and objectives in understanding and supporting the vital and invisible roles played by women in the business and enterprise environment.

    It seeks to highlight women's economic rights and enhance their social and political opportunities through programmes and initiatives that highlight and stimulate their various forms of work in practice, and work to activate their leadership and societal role.

    General Criteria:

    • Relying on government communication mechanisms to highlight the economic role of women and their work in this area.
    • Supporting women's organisations and promoting the concept of women's active participation and leadership.
    • Work on plans to build productive and leadership skills for women.
    • Helping women claim their economic rights.
    • Facilitating the active participation of women in setting economic policies.
    • Dissemination of knowledge to assist women in the sustainable access of women to the labour market.
    • Building partnerships with organisations and institutions that support the role of women economically.


    • Strategy: Plans and programmes for the initiative or project to empower women economically (10 marks).
    • Tools: Implementation mechanisms, technology use, and government communication methods to achieve the initiative's goals. (20 marks)
    • Measurement: A statistic of the number of beneficiaries of the programme, the organisations and entities supporting it. (30 marks)
    • Feasibility: The impact of the initiative or project on social change and support for future generations. (20 marks)
    • Innovation: The initiative or project is based on new ideas that employ modern technology, media, and social media platforms. (20 marks)
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