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Applying for the Award

Application form template for institutions and individuals interested in participating in the Sharjah Government Communication Award:

Information about the institution/individual:

  • Name of the institution/individual.
  • Contact person (name, job title, phone number, email address).
  • Category information.
  • Select the most suitable main category for the campaign/initiative/personality.
  • Select the most suitable sub-category for the campaign/initiative/personality.

Execution Information:

  • Describe the communication channels, such as websites, social media, print materials, television, and radio.
  • Mention the timeline of the communication campaign/initiative/persona from planning to execution.
  • Describe the tools used to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication campaign/initiative/persona.
  • Provide any data or statistics that prove the success of the communication campaign/initiative/persona, such as website traffic, social media engagement, media coverage, and survey results.

Supporting Materials:

  • Provide supporting materials such as campaign materials, videos, screenshots, and reports.
  • Provide links for any online materials, such as websites, social media accounts, and videos.

Commitment and Acknowledgment:

  • The company/individual declares that all information provided in the application is true and accurate.
  • The company/individual agrees to the terms and conditions of the Sharjah Government Communication Award.
  • Jury Committees:

    • The Higher Committee for the Sharjah Government Communication Award.
    • Jury committees consisted of specialised competencies in each award category (the number should be odd or even in case the chairperson's vote counts as two).
  • What are the functions of the winners' jury committee?

    • The supporting jury committees select the candidate files that comply with the award's terms and standards.
    • Each committee’s members meet to select shortlists for each category.
    • The supporting jury committees nominate a list of winners for each category.
    • The shortlists and a list of candidates are submitted to the award higher committee.
    • The award's higher committee reviews recommendations from the supporting jury committee regarding nominated files.
  • Award Incentives

    • Winners will be honoured at the Sharjah Government Communication Award ceremony.
    • Winners will receive a monetary award of AED 30,000 each.
    • Winners will be supported by promoting their initiative or project, its objectives, and future prospects.
    • Promote the winners on the Sharjah Government Media Bureau website and social media platforms.
    • Winners will participate in the International Government Communication Centre events and be provided with training courses and workshops.
    • Document the winning submissions in an academic book, publish it, advertise it as part of a well-thought-out media plan, and reach out to universities to use it as a source for communication and media students.
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